Total email security that filters spam, viruses, phishing attacks and more.

Accurate filtering

A visual scoring system that helps differentiate one quality level from the next.

Powerful rules

ou can build and customize manually, from templates, or with regular expressions.

Detailed analytics

To help explain why an email was held and determine if the sender is trustworthy.

Good mail in, bad mail out

CloudFilter stops the junk and lets the good email through. Messages containing offensive, harmful, or policy violating content are held for user review, while good messages continue on their way. CloudFilter helps keeps users safe and gives you confidence that you’re email infrastructure is shielded from harm.

Admin logs give a bird’s eye view

With detailed administrator logs, CloudFilter makes the filtering process transparent to let you see critical information related to message scoring and classification. Detailed analytics and transport timeline give you a peek under the hood, so you can see exactly why a message was held and quickly identify issues.

Fully loaded message review


Customizable notification schedule

Users get message review notifications at the interval that works for them. Whether they want them every hour, never, or anything in between… the choice is theirs.


Preview content in a safe environment

CloudFilter lets users preview the HTML content of a message (images optional) so they can determine whether or not it’s a message they wish to receive in their inbox without risking a malware infection or phishing attack.


Clear explanations of scoring

Each message has an analytics section which shows data related to the reasons a message was held, where it came from, and even a map showing the point of geographic origin.


Message delivery timeline

There’s also a timeline section, so it’s clear to see the path of a message during it’s lifetime and quickly identify areas where delivery was delayed or interrupted.

Quickly allow or block a sender


CloudFilter lets users easily add a sender to their list of allowed or blocked address in one simple step right from their message preview. It’s quick, easy, and helps ensure that users receive exactly the email they want in their inbox.

View your email traffic at a glance