Cybersecurity Services for Businesses

Let Bay Area IT Solutions help you better prepare and protect your business.

Malicious threats are growing making cybersecurity is a top concern for businesses. If you are unprepared, your business could suffer major downtime, implicit and explicit costs. A data loss alone is catastrophic, but combine any legal ramifications that may develop as a result and you could find yourself out of business or in significant debt.

Cybersecurity is complex and must always be managed. As a trusted technology provider, we help businesses better prepare and protect themselves with cybersecurity services. You deserve to focus on your core business, while we provide peace of mind your information is safe, and your technology is reliable through services that include:

  • Backup and recovery planning
  • Proactive monitoring and detection of threats
  • Security awareness training
  • Email protection (i.e. encryption, SPAM filters, etc.)
  • Patching and updates
  • Network Security (i.e. Firewalls, VPN, 2FA)
  • Password policies
  • Dark Web Monitoring

Schedule an assessment with Bay Area IT Solutions to have your network evaluated, discuss recommended IT solutions, and implement ways to better prepare and protect your business from malicious threats.