Managed Firewalls

Block unauthorized access

For small to mid-sized businesses, having their IT systems brought low by a cyberattack can be devastating.


Improve business function

When it comes to managed firewalls, having them managed remotely cuts down on disruption to your business while providing you the 24-7 protection you need.


A firewall is you first line of defense—not your last.

Despite the protections firewalls provide, they are not infallible. If an end-user overrides the firewall settings, it leaves your system open to attack. This can happen if an employee doesn’t realize the significance of the firewall, or falls prey to a scammer.


What Is A Managed Firewall?

As you may already know, a firewall prevents malicious attacks and viruses from accessing your business IT network. You can ensure that attacks don’t get through by monitoring the network traffic in and out of your business.

A managed firewall is something that is looked after by Bay Area IT Solutions, Inc. We can customize it and configure it to ensure that your entire IT network is safeguarded at all times. We can also automatically update security patches while installing the latest and greatest technology.

Do You Need A Managed Firewall?

Any business that has access to the internet and requires IT data capture should have a firewall or three in place. Managed firewall services allow your business to be safe from hackers who can exploit the vulnerabilities in your network. They do this to steal data and bring down your internal structure, which can lead to losing your business. When you choose managed firewall services, you choose to ensure that your firewalls are set up, maintained, and monitored regularly.

What Are The Benefits?

There are considerable benefits to managed firewall services, and these include:

  • Keeping Out Hackers. Most business leaders don’t realize how devastating firewall breaches can be to their business. It’s why so many small businesses don’t bother with the investment. The thing is, they are imperative to keeping out hackers and having data stolen.
  • Staying Safe. We live in a digital world, which means that as much as we are developing technology, we also see new cyber threats daily. If you don’t install the latest firewalls, you’re going to put your business at risk. If you use managed firewalls, you’re going to outsource that responsibility and keep your business secure.
  • Disaster Recovery. Firewalls reduce the risk of attack on your business massively. However, if you do have downtime that you can’t avoid, you can lean on an emergency disaster recovery strategy to get your business moving again.
  • Restricting Access. If you know that internal employees will access your data, a firewall that has been correctly managed will protect your business from the risk of domestic attacks. If you restrict who can access individual pieces of data, you protect your business better.

Why A Business Needs Managed Firewall Support

Without the right firewalls in place, your business could be attacked, and it could cost you in the long term. By choosing to have managed firewall support, you choose someone else to manage it and give yourself your time back to do other business-related activities.

No solution is one-size-fits-all, as every business needs something different. Finding the right managed firewall services will ensure that you get the right solutions, strategy, and configurations that your business needs.

How Managed Firewall Services Prevent Cyber Attacks

With a managed firewall service, you are getting 24/7 protection from a provider who knows how to set up the right protection for your business. You want to keep your business moving, and managed firewall services are the way to gain that security that you need.