About Our Managed Services

Bay Area IT Solutions can solve all of your IT needs and requirements. Our Managed Services take the headache out of managing IT and give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your core business. With our proactive management and monitoring, we’ll ensure that your network and systems stay up and running, and we’ll make fire drills a thing of the past. We’ll increase your IT security, simplify IT management, and create a sustainable environment at a cost often less that you are already spending for IT services.

The main advantage to our managed services is the unlimited remote support. With this feature you open a support ticket via the agent installed on your system, and within the SLA of the contract, a technician will reach out to you and start working on your issue. Some issues can be resolved in a single session, others might take more, but the issue will be solved within the time from of the SLA and the ticket updated accordingly. If it take s more than one session, all work will be recorded in the ticket and that is how we will communicate with yu during the process.

On-site support is not included with the managed services program, but they can be added as a separate purchase. You can buy monthly hours in blocks of 10, 20, or 50 hours per month. That will be added to the cost of the agreement.

Bay Area IT Solutions Managed Services includes 2 Endpoint Protection cloud managed security applications to protect your workstations and servers. We include Malwarebytes EDR and your choice if ESET Endpoint Protection or Bitdefender Endpoint Protection with Hard Drive Encryption.

As part of the service, we will monitor your company domain on the Dark Web and notify you if any of your network credentials are out there and help you change y our passwords.

We also offer DNS content filtering to prevent your employees from accessing websites they should not, but it also prevents connections from site that may be a valid category, but may be infected with malware to keep your systems safe.

We also work with you as the company owner, to create a Phishing e-mail training campaign to tests your employees and make sure they do not click on what they should not be, but if they do with our testing system, they will be taken to training to help them become another line of defense for your company.

We all need passwords! Every website we login to asks us to create a password. None of us can remember our passwords. We include a password manager with our managed services that requires you to create a master password, then it will manage all your website passwords (which should be unique and complex).

We offer a cloud only backup solution as part of this package. We work with you to create a backup plan and select the files/folders that you wish to have backed up.