Remote Support


Next Generation RMM

Remote support software is the technology that gives IT technicians the ability to access their clients’ devices remotely to provide maintenance and support.

While that may not sound exciting, remote support software has revolutionized the IT support industry. It has increased customer satisfaction, decreased the amount of time needed to resolve issues, and even reduced costs.

With remote support, a technician is able to connect to a device that they’re servicing instantly, from anywhere in the world. Once connected, the technician can take control of the device and perform whatever task is needed. They can install updates, troubleshoot issues, and even provide on-demand support. Most remote support solutions also provide additional features.


  • Proactive Remote Monitoring

    Automated monitoring and notification of issues, including native ransomware detection, help mitigate risks before they become disruptive to your businesses.


  • Gain Network Visibility

    Network Topology Maps help manage your network by discovering and identifying every device on the network, generating a visual layout to show how devices are connected, and quickly pinpointing issues.


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