Affordable, 24/7 webmail access to a backup of your last 30 days of email.

Always on

Seamless continuity with no delays and nothing to activate during an outage.

30-day backup

Backup emails sent and received are stored for a month before they’re purged.

Everyone benefits from XtraMail


Individual users keep working

When your email goes down, vital conversations are abruptly cut off. Thanks to XtraMail, when an outage occurs, your users will have uninterrupted access to their email.


IT staff can focus

Emergency downtime results in “quick fixes” which don’t properly address the root problem. But since XtraMail keeps email working, IT staff are free to address issues thoroughly.


Admins don’t get complaints

Administrators become swamped by grumbling and complaining when email is not working. XtraMail’s webmail platform is straightforward to use, so there’s generally no need to bug the admin with questions about how to get around.