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We focus on providing you a complete security solution for your business and your employees no matter where you work from. We are all working from multiple places so we need to protect ourselves no matter where we are working at. Our Cloud based security solutions allow you to work safely no matter your location.


Malware Detection Removal

WEBROOT BUSINESS ENDPOINT PROTECTION gives you excellent protection from both known and unknown threats.


Content Delivery Network

Our Anchor protection, scans all your network traffic and blocks content based on policies we set with you, plus it also scans the content of a website and blocks if necessary.


Cyber Security Support

We work with the leading security providers to provide you with the best cyber security support and remediation if necessary.


Endpoint Detection and Response

When threats are detected on your endpoints, our security solution notifies us and from the back-end, we can respond and remediate the problem without you ever knowing.



Our Approach To Security

Our approach to security is a simple one. Never too many layers between you and the outside world, and do not be the low hanging fruit on the tree. Be smart and don't be an easy target.


  • Secure By Design

    When we design an internal network, we use internal only IP addresses to make your machines invisible to the outside world. There are solutions that will allow you to access, but do it smartly.


  • Compliant By Design

    We work with you to make sure your networks and data security policies meet ever changing govt. regulations.


  • Continuous Monitoring

    With our managed services and managed network services, we can monitor what is happening on your network, and individual workstations, laptops, or servers.


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Protect All Your Technology

Reliably and securely backup Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to ensure critical programs used for business, email and docs are protected from every day downtime events and cyber threats.


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Cloud Continuity for PCs is much more than just cloud backup. We can protect Windows-based computers from downtime and data loss and more importantly, rapidly recover data if downtime and cyber attacks occur.


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HDD encryption is built into the business versions of MS Windows, and we can help you set it up.

We have an affordable easy to use E-Mail Encryption Solution that makes sending encrypted e-mail and hassle free.


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Complete And Effective Protection For Your Office

We will be happy to do a free audit of your company network to see where your at and where you should be and how to get there.


Check And Search Hazards

Scan and sweep your machines for threats.


Install and Configure Software

We can install and configure software on-site or remotely as needed.


Our Staff are Experts

Everyone at Bay Area IT Solutions has been in the IT business at least 25 years.


Remote Support

We offer unlimited remote support in our Managed Service Plans, but we have on-demand remote support as well.


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What Client’s Say About Us

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