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Our Featured Services

Having worked in IT for more than 25 years, we have vetted the major companies and we found the best companies to work with to provide you with the quality and reliable systems to keep your company secure and up and running.


Managed Services

Managed Services allow us to monitor and manage your IT systems, network and power. We monitor and manage your security as well as Software Patching.


Data Protection

From Encrypted E-Mail, to cloud backup, to full Disaster Recovery Solutions, we focus on making sure your data is protected and is easily recoverable.


Communications Solutions

Communications can be a complicated solution to figure out. We pleased to offer VoiP, SD-WAN, CCaaS and other Communications Solutions.

Our Company

More than 25 years of work in the IT Industry

I started this company on a firm belief in the power of technology to simplify business processes, thus allowing a business to focus on what they do best.  However, it is not purely about technology, but the holistic approach of designing, choosing, implementing, and managing those pieces of technology that helps achieve the goals of a business.  My role is to help business owners understand and be comfortable with the technology they use. I want them to see technology as an empowerment tool and not “just another thing” they must use. We are here to help you use the technology and to use and understand cyber security to keep you and your customers safe.

Our Latest Services

Preparing for your success, we provide IT solutions


IT Management

We monitor and manage your network devices as well as your PC's MAC's and Servers and apply security patching.


Infrastructure Plan

We meet with you and work with you to see where you are at in a IT Tech level and then we will help you decide where you want to be and then together we design a plan to get you there.


IT Consulting

We consult with you on your IT needs to find a solution, no matter who can provide it. We see it as our job to find you the best solution.


IT Design

We design your IT solutions, we design PC, Server and Laptop Configurations from DELL to give you the best warranty support, and best reliability for increased uptime.


Data Security

Data Security is our priority, and we take a multi-layered approach to protecting your data. We make sure that you are not the easy target.


Employee Training

One of our solutions is a Phishing Testing and Training solution that allows us to help you train your employees on how to watch for Phishing E-Mail. Your Employees are your last line of defense.

How We Works

How Bay Area IT Solutions, Inc. assists your business

We work with you, we listen to what your issues are, we design the solutions, but we don't tell you to get anything, we show you the pro's and con's of our offerings and you make your choice. Most of our solutions can be added piecemeal and so you can add as needed.



We setup a meeting and you teach us about your issues and what your looking for.


Testing & Trying

A lot of our cloud security solutions can be setup as a trial so you can try them before you make a decision.


Ideas & Concepts

Our team is always thinking outside the box and so owe can find unique answers to difficult questions.


Execute & install

One we have a solution designed and you approve it, we will work to get it installed and configured as quickly as possible to reduce your downtime.

Client's Review

What our Clients are Saying...

Irene Kane
Ceremonies and Celebrations

Anthony and IT Solutions are providing an important service particularly as more people work from home. He is friendly, professional and knowledgeable. IT solutions offers a variety of skills for workers; they are an asset to any business.

Beth Devine
Devine Solutions Group

If you require top tier IT support, go no further than Bay Area IT Solutions. Responsive, professional and knowledgeable. First-class all the way. Highly recommend.

Tiffany Johnson
New Star Payments

Anthony is on top of cyber security and IT solutions that will protect your business. He’s extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the hardest terms into a more simple language. If you are needing security for your online business or email protection he’s the right guy for the job!

Marcel Goldberg
Napa Spotlight Community Publication

Cybersecurity is something that many business owners don’t think about until it’s too late. Don’t be that business owner. Anthony’s company will customize the right solution for your business.

Courtney Miller
Ecobuild Architects

Anthony and the team at Bay Area IT Solutions did a fantastic job setting up our private network at the Port Workspaces. He followed through continually to educate us on how to trouble shoot network issues ourselves, and access files remotely. They also offer ongoing IT support for very reasonable rates

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