IT Solutions Available for Your Business

We focus on providing security solutions to protect  small businesses from the ever increasing security threats.

  • EndPoint Protection
  • Password Management
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Cloud Services
  • Communications
  • Persistent Threat Remediation
  • Proxy Content Filtering
  • SaaS Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Business Class Hardware
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Complete And Effective IT Solutions for Your Business

  • Monitor and Remediate Cyber Threats

  • Install and Setup Hardware

  • Managed Services

  • Managed Security Solutions

  • Managed Networking

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A Layered Approach to Cybersecurity: People, Processes, and Technology

Many think of a layered approach to cybersecurity in terms of technology and tools. This means having various security controls in place to protect separate entryways. For cybersecurity to be effective, organizations must also consider how they leverage people and processes.

When combined into a single, integrated framework, an overlapping strategy based on security tools, people, and processes will yield the most effective defenses.


  • People

    Employees can create some of the greatest risks to cybersecurity. However, when they are well informed they can also be an asset and a first line of defense.


  • Processes

    This layer of cybersecurity ensures that IT teams have strategies in place to proactively prevent and to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a cybersecurity incident.


  • Technology

    There are a host of technologies that security teams can implement in order to layer their defenses.


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