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More than 25+ years we have provided IT Solutions for Businesses

The staff at Bay Area IT Solutions has more than 25 years of experience working in the IT industry. Our staff has worked at a combination of small and corporate IT departments. Having seen both the technology we use to be productive change and evolve, we have also seen the threats using the same technology against us evolve, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the best technology to protect you and your business. With ever increasing threats coming at us, especially while working from home, we need to have business class security solutions to protect us.

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We Are Experts In IT Solutions Services

With our expertise, we have learned that no single solution will protect your company, therefore we take a multi-layer approach to security with multiple solutions to provide you with the best security.

The staff at Bay Area IT Solutions, is constantly in classes to learn the latest upcoming threats. As we learn the upcoming threats, we are able to work with our suppliers to come up with ways to keep your systems protected.

In our opinion it is best to have a hybrid solution. We believe that you need a hardware firewall to protect your network. There are software firewalls, but they will not work as well as a hardware firewall. As for endpoint security solutions, the software will be installed, but we do the management of the software and remote remediation of any threats on the endpoints.

We spend our days and nights researching security solutions to combat the latest threats. We are dedicated to keeping your company out of the news for security issues, and keep you off of the California State Attorney Generals list of data breaches.

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